Patient Flow Programme of The Year Award

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D&D Patient Flow Programme of the Year Award 2019

Last October’s Executive Patient Flow Summit offered us the space to hear from NHS executives and private providers alike on their approaches to tackling patient flow. The outcome was a rich tapestry of stories and insights into the patient flow projects, products and processes that are really starting to drive change to our health system as we know it. This year, we want to take the opportunity to shine a light on those patient flow programmes that are truly accelerating innovation to improve patient experience, outcomes, and hospital operational efficiency.

We would love to hear from you around a patient flow programme you have delivered – whether you are a trust, healthcare organisation, or private provider – we are interested in learning more about the programme you have deployed, and how it is beginning to drive change in the healthcare industry.


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Who Should Enter?

If you are one of the following, we would love to hear from you.

  • Acute, primary care, mental health and specialist services

  • Organisations providing health tech solutions including products, transformation pieces, consultancy, devices and all solutions focused on driving outcomes for healthcare.

  • Charities and third sector organisations

  • Private healthcare providers and care homes

Entry Criteria

  • Representative Name, Title, Number, email address

  • About your Organisation (50 words max)

  • Summary of Project (200 words max)

  • Bullet point the project’s key achievements (200 words max)

  • What was the impact on patient experience? (200 words max)

  • How did the project impact on overall hospital performance? (200 words max)

  • Please attach any documents that will support your award submission (e.g  case studies, articles, financial report extracts)


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How to Enter

To enter please email your submission to, following the criteria listed below. Please provide as much detail as possible on the project, its fruition, outcomes and efficiencies. We would also welcome any supporting documents or links alongside your submission.


The deadline for submission is Friday 18th September. The winner of the 2019 Patient Flow Programme of the Year Award will be announced at the close of D&D’s Executive Patient Flow Summit on 4th October.

 Our Judges

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The Patient Flow Programme of the Year award will be judged by a selection of Draper & Dash leadership and NHS executives facilitating our summit round table discussions.